DC Embassy Visit

We have encountered many instances where instead of engaging the embassy, Kenyans opt to stay away and keep for themselves. By doing this, Kenyans miss out on oppotunities to get support from an entity that is here to support and protect them.

We know most of the issues in our community especially those that affect women hence we decided that it was appropriate to engage our Ambassador in order to help us find ways to better serve our community.

KWITU is currently the biggest women’s organisation in the diaspora and the most actively engaging and fastest growing Kenyan diasspora organization in the USA.

Talking to Ambassador Githae, here is what he had to say,

“The Kenyan government has vested interest in the diaspora…Diaspora remittance is the highest currency earner for Kenya… There’s no need for anyone to be afraid of the Kenyan Embassy. We are really here to help you.”

KWITU is here to ensure that our members’ interests and problems are addressed, and that we are the vehicle that helps to bridge the gap and help deliver these services to you by living up to our mission to Connect, Empower and Support Kenyan Women living in the USA through building relationships, stewardship and socio-economic support.

The ambassador addressed all our concerns some of which include the following:

  • Diaspora Engagement.

  • Immigration.

  • Partnership oppotunities.

  • KWITU Point of contact.

  • Recognition of KWITU as a diaspora Organization and listing on the embassy website.

  • Passport, IDs and Dual citizenship.

  • Domestic violence in our community.

We reckon the force that we are, and the voice we carry for our members. Ours is to make sure that we, with help from the Kenyan Embassy and organizations like The Africa Society, continue to serve our members and our communities, find ways to avail resources and advocate for our members, by discussing the advancement of Kenyan Women In The USA and bringing discussions to the table such as Domestic Violence, Immigration, Community engagement, Entrepreneurship, Education and Leadership etc..

We also extended an invitation to the ambassador to attend our forthcoming grand reunion in GA this August, after briefing the him on our progress since the last time we saw him in 2016.

One message was clear throughout our interaction with the ambassador; the embassy is here to protect you as a Kenyan, because when you do well here in the USA, our country does well, since now diaspora remittance is the biggest foreign income earner for Kenya.

Kenya needs us to succeed here.

We are very grateful to the Ambassador and his office for the support we Received.

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