The projects below help us achieve our goal and mission as Kenyan Women In The USA.

Kwitu Inc Projects

At KWITU Inc, we value women empowerment by building relationships, and through leadership development, stewardship, mentorship, and socio-economic support. These core values offer a blueprint for our organization as we strive to carry out our mission of transforming the lives of women and the communities we serve. We are glad you have joined us on that mission, and we look forward to your contributions as we work to achieve those goals together.

The below projects help us achieve our goal and mission as Kenyan Women In The USA.


The objective of SKS is to render or Mobilize financial aid to SISI KWA SISI members in good standing as per the rules of the fund following bereavement.


Admission of New Members shall occur the month of May annually, upon proper vetting of potential members.

SKS Leadership Team

-Gladys Mwango: Director of SKS

-Aileen Mucangi: Assistant Director of SKS



The goal of Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) is to develop, on behalf of and in consultation/collaboration with all KWITU, Inc. leaders a strategic plan for the organization. In doing so, the SPC will look to identify key strategic goals and determine the direction and scope of the organization over the next five years.


  • Developing companywide strategic plans in consultation/collaboration with KWITU, Inc. Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and Project Directors.

  • Supporting and providing guidance regarding strategic planning and implementation of strategic plans at KWITU, Inc.

  • Determining the direction and scope of KWITU, Inc. organization over the long-term.

  • Clarifying what KWITU, Inc. organization is about.

  • Deciding what is and is not a priority for the use of resources.

  • Analyzing the internal and external environment.

  • Strategizing how best to deal with upcoming changes & transitions.

  • Setting concrete goals for the future.

SPC Leadership Team

  • Mary Kimari: Director of Strategic Planning.

  • Aileen Mucangi: Assistant Director of SKS.

  • Determining the direction and scope of KWITU, Inc. organization over the long-term.


[email protected]



The objective of the Game Changers Investment Club is to empower Kenyan women in the U.S. and Canada through investments that will enable them to attain their financial goals and become self-reliant. This initiative will be voluntary for members of KWITU, Inc.

Game Changers Investment Club Leadership Team

  • Lilian Kaesa: Director Of Investment.

  • Joan Wanjiku: Assistant Director of Investment.



[email protected]


KWITU, Inc. Charity & Mentorship is one of the branches that make up the greater KWITU Inc. founded in December 2016. Our role is to empower our community by giving back.

Mission & Vision

KWITU Inc. Charity's mission is to make a positive impact in both Kenya and USA, by organizing community outreach resources and supporting programs that will educate, inspire and empower members of our community.

KWITU, Inc. Charity’s vision is a world where everybody has the opportunity to reach their highest potential and make a positive impact in their community.

Charity & Mentorship Leadership Team

  • Jean Ayacko: Director of Charity & Mentorship

  • Angie Mugo: Assistant Director of Charity & Mentorship



KWITU, Inc. Community Enrichment Project was established to find a creative, fun and engaging way to build and strengthen our local chapters through community service. To work together sharing our common ideas as Kenyan Women in the United States in a way that would enable us to build a relationship with chapter members.


Membership is open to all Kwitu members. KWITU, Inc. Community Enrichment Committee members and state chapter reps are the active members of the organization and are required to participate in meeting the goals of the organization actively. To become a committee member of the Community Enrichment committee, one has to be a member in good standing with KWITU, Inc.


  • Hellen Streeter: Director of Community Enrichment

  • Lillian Iddie Njoroge: Assistant Director of Community Enrichment


[email protected]



The purpose of KWITU State Affairs is to bring KWITU closer to the grassroots and the community, and help bring KWITU’s mission and vision to fruition, by decentralizing and engaging KWITU at the state level.


  • State level leadership (“KWITU State Rep”) in each state, to act as a liaison between KWITU administrative leadership and members at the state level.

  • Mobilize and organize KWITU members at the state level to represent KWITU at local events and promote KWITU values.

  • Promote KWITU at local chapter level by becoming brand ambassadors.

  • Implement KWITU, Inc. initiatives and community outreach programs at the state level.

  • Organize local fundraisers and coordinate with KWITU leadership on national KWITU campaigns.

State Affairs Leadership Team

  • Angie Mugo: Director of State Affairs

  • Kate Kibe: Assistant Director of State Affairs.


[email protected]


The purpose of Branding and Expansion Team is to convey KWITU, Inc.’s vision and mission effectively to the world. KWITU, Inc. mission and vision being per below:

  • To empower women both socially and economically.

  • To support women to take on leadership roles both in the US and in Kenya.

  • Bridge the gap between the Kenyan woman living in the US and the woman living right in our rural villages both socially and economically.

  • Collaborate with organizations that promote women’s rights and fight social injustices against women.

Branding & Expansion Leadership Team

  • Doreen Selly: Director of Branding & Expansion

  • Sue Shanks: Assistant Director of Branding & Expansion


[email protected]


The purpose of Strategic Partnerships & Outreach (SPO) is to build and manage relationships with key partners and create/manage fundraisers and sponsorship opportunities. SPO team acts as the first point of contact for new partnership opportunities, qualify new partners, and as the touch-point for existing partnerships.


RESULTS: KWITU, Inc is partnered with RESULTS a movement of passionate, committed everyday people. RESULTS pushes for specific policies and legislation to address poverty and empowers people to become powerful voices for the end of poverty through grassroots advocacy. RESULTS and KWITU, Inc together use their voices to influence political decisions that will end poverty. KWITU, Inc. members receive training, support, and inspiration to become skilled advocates.

eMentoring Africa: The eMentoring offers mentorship to the African generation. Their vision is a transformed and empowered youth who are productive and sensitive to the challenges of our society. KWITU, Inc. is partnered with eMentoring through Pass It on Program (PIO) where KWITU, Inc members are paired with youth for mentorship.

SPO Leadership Team

  • Mumbi Baskin: Director of Strategic Planning

  • Sue Saiyorri: Treasurer

  • Kendi Muriuki: Assistant Treasurer

  • Erika Fletcher: Public Relations



The Conflict Resolution Committee (CRC) will serve as an impartial mediating body for resolving conflicts between KWITU, Inc. Members and or between KWITU, Inc. members and KWITU, Inc. Board of Directors and or Members and KWITU, Inc. Committees. The committee will be ad-hoc and informal, and its meetings will be determined upon demand. CRC will serve as a mediator, and after due considerations, propose recommendations to KWITU, Inc. Board. It is the expectation that CRC will make every effort to resolve any conflict or dispute occurring between members, and or between members and KWITU, Inc.

Conflict Resolution Leadership Team

  • Grace Chege: Director of Conflict Resolution

  • Kezia Njenga: Assistant Director of Conflict Resolution


[email protected]


The purpose of Karibu Marekani is to provide valuable information about settling in the US Kenyans emigrating from other parts of the world. KWITU, Inc. will publish an assortment of information and resources that are crucial to a person’s successful settlement in the US as a new immigrant in the form of a “Welcome Package.” This information will be available on the KWITU, Inc. website and possibly to other useful sites like the Kenyan Embassy in the US in the future.

Karibu America Leadership Team

  • Morine Duntley: Director of Karibu America

  • Joan Mwangi: Assistant. Director of Karibu America