Our Pillar


Wangari Maathai

"You cannot enslave a mind that knows itself. That values itself. That understands itself."

KWITU is committed to empowering its members and respective families by promoting equality and equal access to opportunities across our various platforms.

KWITU aims to provide Kenyan women in the USA the sense of empowerment and see them soar to the heights of success. As an organization, we aim to eradicate the factors holding back Kenyan women. By alleviating their difficulties, it’s possible to make Kenyan women realize the true potential that lies within them.

The sense of empowerment is necessary if a nation needs to stand upright and develop. KWITU connects Kenyan women from all walks of life and helps them acquire the asset of empowerment. By providing women with the freedom of choice and action, we stand to win at life. These empowered women are the secret behind the success of developed countries and we realize that Kenya can fare well with the same model.



Wangari Maathai

"It is important to nurture any new ideas and initiatives that can make a difference for Africa."

KWITU is dedicated to empower its members and make them feel more supported by our mentorship programs.

By providing Kenyan women with mentorship, we aim to give them meaningful opportunities for growth. The impact and guidance that mentorship can provide is unmatched and just the thing that Kenyan women in the US need.

KWITU has a diverse group of talent who volunteer their expertize to mentor young women into leadership. Our mentorship opportunities are geared towards enabling self-reliance and entrepreneurship. We strive to give opportunities that encourage our membership continuity.

To help us in our mission, we’ve initiated a partnership program with eMentoring Africa. The program is called Pass It On (PIO) and provides mentorship to form 4 graduates. Form 4 in Kenya is equivalent to 12th Grade in the US. The students stay idle for two months while they try out for university admissions. KWITU aims to fill these idle moments for the students. Instead of wasting this time, KWITU hopes to keep these graduates busy with a mentor who can guide them. By directing the students towards their future goals and ambition, these mentors can pass on their expertise to the future leaders.

Leadership Development

H.E. Margaret Kenyatta

"Emphasis should be on encouraging women to take leadership roles and to replicate the best practices with regard to women empowerment."

KWITU is encouraging and providing its members access to leadership development programs to help them craft a sustainable career.

Women leaders are on the rise and KWITU aims to further increase the numbers of women in executive levels of leadership. With our leadership development program, all Kenyan women who aspire to be leaders get a fair chance at their goals.

KWITU understands that each individual has their own set of skills. When utilized the right way, any individual can hone their skills and work for the betterment of the society.

Leadership development programs are usually discredited because they are considered an expense. In fact, investing in the development of skills and learning potential is an investment. At KWITU, we connect training and development to the values of the society. By targeting the accomplishment of goals and initiatives, our members can make their dreams of success a reality.

It’s the right time to leave behind the myths about female leadership and step up to the plate. Research has shown that women naturally possess effective leadership competencies. The diversity of opinions, experiences, and values that women bring to the table play an important role in executive decision-making process. And our team at KWITU aims to develop this skill and hone Kenyan women to embrace their true potential as leaders.


Community Engagement

Olive Mugenda

"There is no one-size-fits-all approach to community engagement. Strategies must be context specific."

KWITU aims to provide a virtual environment (haven) which is private, welcoming and comfortable for members to communicate freely.

We understand that Kenyan women need all the support they can get on the road to empowerment. And to facilitate this journey, we at KWITU seek to engage the community. The benefits of such a move are abundant, not just for the Kenyan women but also for the community.

Community engagement can help achieve long-term and sustainable outcomes. They will also enable healthy working relationships. But in order to be successful, we make sure community engagement takes into consideration the strategies and processes that are sensitive to the community.


Wangari Maathai

"It’s the little things citizens do. That’s what will make the difference."

KWITU is dedicated to provide support and sense of empowerment on an individual level!

As a community, our general focus is on the success of the community as a whole.

Instead of just going for the accumulated success, KWITU strives to also work for individual satisfaction of the Kenyan women in the USA. By having an individual-level focus, we aim to increase communications between the community and these individuals, all the while deepening their relationship.

We take great interest in the well-being of our members. From empowerment to mentorship, our main focus is to cultivate our members’ goals. With a strong and undivided focus on their goals and objectives, we are proud to say that our community stands by our members through thick and thin. KWITU management strives to plan and manage resources to protect and take care of the needs of Kenyan women in the USA, the members of KWITU.