For Students On Student Visa

Immigration Requirements

Immigration Requirements For Students On Student Visas

Please review the section with recommendations and resources for everyone before reviewing this section. There is important information pertaining to you as an immigrant in that section.

  • Knowing your major is important, you can focus on your pre-requisites which guards you from taking unnecessary classes.

  • If you have college education from Kenya or any other country, consider getting your education evaluated by W.E.S. (World Education Services) to match it to the US system. This will also help transfer credits so that you do not have to take unnecessary classes or start from the scratch. There is a fee associated with the evaluation of credits. (See the resources section for additional information.)

  • Check with the school in advance to see if there are options available to live with a family in the neighborhood. You can tutor kids in return for accommodation.

  • Work with the International Student coordinator to find jobs on campus.

  • Join the International Students Association.

  • Check out the Sororities and Fraternities in your school. They can be a great resource for scholarships, networking for career opportunities.

  • Financial Aid- Talk to your financial aid office to see what kind of financial aid is available for International Students. There are scholarships, grants and other aid that is available to international students. Your financial aid office will be able to guide you based on your visa.

  • If you are good at debate, join the debate club. Some schools offer full scholarships for students in their debate clubs. It also helps you gain confidence in public speaking which is very helpful in any career path.

  • Identify a professor in the school that can mentor you and guide you to the right career path.

  • Stay in status- The US Immigration will keep track of whether you are in school or not. They will deport you for violating the requirements of your visa. As a student, you MUST remain in school to maintain good standing and status.

  • Find Kenyans in the local area via social media. (Facebook and Instagram). Also find out if there are Kenyan Churches in your city or a neighboring city to connect with Kenyans in person.

  • Visit the Kenyan Embassy’s website to find links to Kenyan organizations in various states.

  • Instead of purchasing new books, rent from websites like Chegg, Amazon, Barnes and Noble.

  • Be careful when applying for credit cards. Educate yourself about lines of credit, credit cards and interest rates and their financial implications. These affect your livelihood in the US. (See additional information in the resource section.)

Stranded with no help?

Contact the Kenyan Embassy in the US in case you find yourself stranded with no one to assist you.

In the event that you find yourself stranded at the airport, call Kwitu Inc. at +1 973-704-0190. When calling make sure you have the following information handy.

  • Your current location.

  • The full name, phone number of the person who was supposed to pick you up from the airport.

  • The name, phone number and address of your host.


Disclaimer: Failure to provide the above mentioned information will prevent Kwitu from providing the necessary assistance. The Kwitu Inc. phone number should only be used by individuals who are truly stranded at arrival due to unavoidable circumstances. Kwitu Inc., will vet and confirm any information provided by those seeking assistance.